Tavern Pale Ale Brewed with 6 row & Munich malt and a small amount of chocolate malt to make An Extra Special Bitter in the British style that is a darker than your normal pale ale.  Whole flower cascade hops used for bittering and aroma. 33.5 IBUs 4.8 % ABV India Pale Ale An American IPA brewed with mainly 2 row malt and a small amount of caramel and amber malt to create a balanced drinkable IPA.  Pelleted Centennial hops added pre-boil for bittering with 3 additional pelleted Cascade added for flavoring and aroma. 53 IBUs 5.8% ABV Rebel Rye A unique flavored beer made from a balance of barley and rye malt with the addition of molasses to increase the alcohol content. Brewed for the Union Mills Homestead to celebrate 150th anniversary of Corbet’s Charge. Grain milled at Union Mill Homestead. 41 IBU 4.1 ABV% Red Ale Brewed with four malts create a drinkable Irish style red ale. All whole flower hops used for bittering, flavoring and aroma. 26 IBUs 5.0% ABV Milk Stout An American Stout with lactose added for a semi-sweet stout with a hint of chocolate from the addition of roasted barley and chocolate malt.  All whole flower Cascade hops used. 30 IBUs 4.8 % ABV Chocolate Stout An American Stout brewed with 100% Cocoa powder and our Cascade hops.  30IBUs 4.8% ABV Black Knight An Imperial Stout brewed with 6 row malt, chocolate malt and caramel malt with molasses and Carroll County honey added. A dark, roasted malt flavor that is bittersweet.  All Cascade whole flower hops used.  24 IBUs 7.3 ABV LeWac A full flavored medium amber ale with a strong hint of our Cascade hops.  5.3% ABV & 29 IBU Amber Ale A dark American Amber Ale with a slight malty flavor and a mild hop tone, a refreshing session ale. 4% ABV & 22 IBU Made by: Stump Web Designs                      Creeping Creek Farms